Thursday, October 22, 2009

Truck Stop Showers

When you are traveling cross-country in good weather, you can usually find places to camp or sleep in your vehicle. The main drawback to this kind of accommodation is the lack of shower facilities. Where do you find a shower without paying the full price of a hotel room. Truck stops!

Most long-haul truckers sleep in their vehicles. That's the function of the big box behind the cab: It's camper! There is rarely a shower in there however, so truckers check in at their friendly truck stop for a showers. Showers at truck stops are sometimes free for truckers who fuel up at that location, but ordinary motorists can usually use the showers, too, for a fee. The cost ranges from $5 to $15 (which is at least better than getting a motel room at $40+).

A typical shower is just a private restroom with a shower stall. Towels and soap are usually provided, and you can usually take as long as you want inside.

A lot of rural interstate truck stops have them -- nearly any place with a lot of trucks in it's parking lot. The showers may not be advertised, but if there is a trucker's lounge, there is a good chance there are showers.

The major truck stop chains specify on their websites whether showers are available at each location. Try Pilot Travel Centers, Flying J, Petro Truck Stops and TA Travel Centers.


  1. Geez. That looks better than some of the fleabag motels you find in Tonopah.

  2. I recommended a gym membership because 95 percent of the all gyms have showers as part of the deal. If you'll be moving around a lot I would suggest a chain like anytime Fitness. There are also a lot of prepaid gyms that you can get setup with and you have a free shower and a place to be 24/7 in most cases. Plus you get cable to watch, heat, exercise, a place to park and much more! I currently use a gym that only cost 20 dollars a month and I can tan,and shower,watch TV and be there24/7 in most cases too!

  3. Another option is community centers. Many larger towns have comm. centers where you can pay a daily use fee. They usually have a pool, indoor track, b.b. court, weights etc...not to mention restrooms with private showers. For example, my comm. center's rates are $3 daily, $50 for a 20-day punch, or $30 monthly. You would have to check around to see how close one is to your travel area, but mine is only five miles off the highway and the next town up has one directly off the highway exit. Seems like you get more bang for your buck than just renting a bathroom at a truck stop, but if you know your travel route, a little 'net surfing time spent looking for comm. centers might be worth the effort.

  4. Community centers like this tend to be more common in Canada than in the USA. Seems like every town in Canada has their community sports center, and I have used them for showers.

  5. What about traveling/camping with my wife? Will the typical truck stop allow us to share a shower, particularly if we supply our own towels & soap?

  6. They have no restrictions for couples using showers. There are some rare ones that are restricted to male bathroom areas, but most are most accommodating.