Monday, February 2, 2009

Previous Writings on Free Sleeping

My makeshift campsite on the outskirt of Huesca, Spain, May 2008. (Click on this photo and any other to go to an album from that place.)

Before we begin the assault on San Diego, I'd like to refer you to some of my previous writings on Free Sleeping (before I invented the term). These items are scattered throughout my massive web complex, and you might not find them unless I point them out to you. My seminal work on the subject is my essay, The Virtues of Homelessness (8/6/06), in my Family Court philosophy section. There I describe living in a rental car, which I can not longer afford. That essay was followed by Practical Tips from a Homeless Dude (8/19/06) a few days later. I published an essay on Gypsy Camping (7/19/08) as the very first entry in my very first blog, Kilroy Café. A few weeks ago, I started a new blog called Things You Don't Need. It talks about all the things we have been told that we need (usually by greedy marketers) but that we can get by better without. Although Free Sleeping isn't mentioned, you may find some tips here on freeing yourself from the bonds of consumer culture. Some unneeded things of particular interest: a bed and hot meals. Also in Kilroy Café is a practical guide to high-end homelessness: How to Sleep in an Airport. A related essay is A Red-Eye Survival Guide on how to sleep in airplanes. There are many other things I have written that may touch on Free Sleeping, and as I encounter them I may add them to this entry. BTW: All of the photos you will see in this blog are my own (unless marked otherwise). You can usually click on the photo to go to a whole album of photos from that place.

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